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Untcigahunk: The Complete Little Brothers

by Rick Hautala
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Ebook description

It has been five years since Kip Howard saw his mother killed horribly by a blur of "little brown things." Five years of nightmares and a terror of dark places. Five years of struggling to overcome what must have been just his imagination…But the 'untcigahunk,' the Indian word for "little brothers," are no one's imagination. Hideous forest creatures who feed every five years on human flesh, the little brothers are about to emerge from underground once again. Only this time, there will be no escape for the young boy who witnessed their last feast. Untcigahunk -- The Novel is an updated version of Rick Hautala's classic novel Little Brothers. Also included are seven short stories about the untcigahunk: Little Brother, Little Brother Speaks, Redman, Chysalis, Love on the Rocks, Deal with the Devils, The Birch Whistle, Oilman

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