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Punish Me With Kisses

by William Bayer
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Ebook description

Punish Me with Kisses is the story of two sisters and the Mysterious Dark Man to whom both are helplessly drawn. It begins in Bar Harbor, Maine, summer playground of the rich. Shy and sensitive Penny Berring watches as her beautiful sister Suzie puts on a bizarre display- flaunting her transgressions beneath her parent's windows. Her behavior is strange, and compelling, and then...a scream in the night, and Suzie is murdered. There is a sensational inconclusive trial. And an enigma: What really happened? Who killed Suzie, and why? Three years pass. Penny is now living a quiet life in New York. Then it all starts again. She finds Suzie's secret diary. It propels her on a strange, surreal oddyssey of her own and on toward a horrifying secret.

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