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Do I have to work with a publisher or can I work with eBookDimension.com directly?
Anyone can open an account on eBookDimension.com directly, an author or a publisher. To open an account is free and you have full control over your available content.

How do I get paid?
We pay a 70% royalty on net sales on a monthly basis through PayPal. This does require that you have a PayPal account however.

How does eBookDimension.com set pricing?
We don't set it, YOU do. Another beauty of eBookDimension.com, the 70% royalty is no matter what you choose to sell your book for.

What ebook formats does eBookDimension.com support?
There is "MobiBooks" (Amazon Kindle format), "ePub" (pretty much everything other than Amazon Kindle) and "PDF" (best for computers but will work pretty much everywhere)

How do I get my books in those formats?
We can do it for you for a nominal fee, it depends on how many you have. The software we use internally is called "Jutoh" and it works great, it will generate MobiBooks and ePub at the same time. We also use the freely available "LibreOffice" for formatting and PDf generation. You will also want high resolution cover art.