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Alien Landscapes - Volume 1
Alien Landscapes - Volume 1 by Kevin J. Anderson

The outdoors has always been a fundamental part of my inspiration and my writing process. I live in the Rocky Mountains and spend a great deal of my time hiking—and writing. I wander for miles, voice recorder in hand, dictating chapter after chapter, or just mulling over a plotline or characters.
This short story is my effort to show readers how experiencing the breathtaking beauty of planet Earth has opened up creative windows for me. It’s my way to try and explain my obsession for hiking in the rugged wilderness to the couch potatoes who “don’t get it.”...

Alien Landscapes - Volume 2
Alien Landscapes - Volume 2 by Kevin J. Anderson

Some writers like to keep their ideas close to their chest, as if superstitious that the Muse will
abandon them if they divulge any secrets. I, on the other hand, love to brainstorm and bounce
crazy ideas back and forth with someone who also has a hyperactive imagination. In my career, I
have taken on many collaborative projects; as of this writing, I have written novels with Brian
Herbert, Doug Beason, Dean Koontz, Kristine Kathryn Rusch, John Betancourt, and my wife Rebecca Moesta, with whom I wrote this story.
Obviously, something’s working there. This story takes the collaboration...