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Perilous Pink PcGee

by Katie Marie Wilson
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Ebook description

The REAL Pink PcGee lives on Katie's desk. He's a stuffed pig that came to live with her one Valentine's day. She also has the Arrrrbor seal, but she's still looking for Flounder. This is a tale of pirates and gold, dreams and magic. She wrote it with help from her Daddy, who loves Pink PcGee almost as much as he does her...||||Forty-five percent of all money made on sales of this book will go to support the International Child Art Foundation. You can find them online at http://www.icaf.org. They are a leading non-profit art and creativity organization for children all over the world, sponsors of the "Arts Olympiad," and publishers of ChildArt Magazine. Katie is very happy to help kids all over the world through her writing.||||ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Katie Wilson is a talented, imaginative third grader who loves drawing, stuffed animals, American Girls, her family, and her pets. Her first book, "Mars Needs Pumpkins," was published when she was seven years old. She loves hearing from people who enjoy her stories and her artwork and she hopes to use any money she earns to buy accessories for her American Girls, and maybe (if she does really well) to find a charity that helps other kids. Look for "The Adventures of Bob the Starfish" coming soon - the story of a Starfish who wants to be a Shooting Star...

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