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Non-Fiction ebooks by title

10 Ways to Get the Most from Your Child's Teacher
10 Ways to Get the Most from Your Child's Teacher by Diana Grycan

Enjoy a book full of empathy, joy and humor that has been written by a teacher with forty years of experience in education. This book of short anecdotes is chock-full of invaluable information for parents of school-aged children. Learn how to be an appropriate partner to your child's teacher, and be involved in your child's journey through school....

American Pies
American Pies by David Niall Wilson

American Pies contains instructions and recipes for Persimmon, Pear, Mango, Pineapple, Grape, Honey-Crisp Apple, Nectarine, Plum, Strawberry and Raspberry Pies, plus the recipe for the "American Pie" itself. Each recipe has been tested - and the results consumed. Also included are a history of pie - and the author's fond memories....

Bigfoot Hunting Guide
Bigfoot Hunting Guide by Dean Russell

From the author of the popular GHOST HUNTING GUIDE - Optimizing Your Paranormal Adventure, comes a new kind of project management guide. Do you believe in monsters? Do you want to? For beginners to advanced cryptozoologists! Explore this new and practical guide to investigating the paranormal using dynamic project management techniques. 85% of the adventure is front-end loaded before you execute....

Blame It On Your Past Lives
Blame It On Your Past Lives by Tara Sutphen

Your Past Lives Are Often Responsible For Your Present Problems. Tara Sutphen has developed automatic writing into an art. With the assistance of her spirit guide Abenda, she answers questions of troubled seekers who wrie to her for help. After many years of spirit contact, she can point to an astounding track record of proven accuracy....

Citizen Jane
Citizen Jane by James Dalessandro

The true story of Jane Alexander, who spent 13 years tracking down and putting away the man who murdered her 88-year old aunt, and then went on to help solve 20 murders, igniting a national victim's rights movement....

Desert Voices
Desert Voices by William H. LaBarge

America's strength has always been her people. Never has this strength been more evident than in time of war. From the Revolution on, the history of America at war has always been the history of ordinary men and women doing extraordinary things. But in the past, it has taken years, sometimes even decades, for those heroic men and women to be heard, for their individual stories to be told....

Forensics 101
Forensics 101 by Robert Jones

Contrary to what one might think after viewing some of the forensic investigation shows on television programs that show off the latest in modern (and sometime wishful) forensic science devices and techniques, forensics has a long history. From a time of slow advance in ancient Babylon when fingerprints were pressed into clay tablets to cement business transactions, through a time in circa 250 BC when Erasistratus, a Greek physician noticed that, when his patients lied, their pulse rates increased, through the time in 44 BC when Antistius, a Roman physician, counted the 23 stab wounds in...

Forensics 102: Another Primer
Forensics 102: Another Primer by Robert Jones

Gathered from years of posts about Forensics, aimed at educating writers and laymen on a variety of subjects, this second volume in Robert Jone's series continues where Forensics 101, A Friendly Primer for Writers, left off, with more articles on a wide variety of subjects. An invaluable tool, and very interesting book. CONTENTS INCLUDE: Voice and Tape Analysis, Who was That?, A Questionable Ending, He said – She Said, Last Call, Ratta Tatt Tatt, Top Secret Surveillance, Forensic Astronomy, Mo and More, What's in the Bag?, Going to the Dogs, The Top Ten, Bubbles, Bumper Tag, A Cosmic Tail...

Getting It Out There: Branding, What's in a Name?
Getting It Out There: Branding, What's in a Name? by Nancy Gideon

Nancy Gideon educates her readers, budding authors and otherwise, on branding. Branding is a unique connection an author has with her audience. Gideon lays out the fundamental elements for writers to develop consistent marketing and public relation tools. A must-read for writers at all levels of expertise....

Getting It Out There: Budgeting
Getting It Out There: Budgeting by Nancy Gideon

Approach the business of writing with a plan for success. Award-winning author of over 50 books, Nancy Gideon draws from her twenty-five year career as a writer to provide a step-by-step guide for investing your time and money wisely. Getting It Out There: PR and Social Media for Writers/Budgeting Time & Money shows you how to establish a personal /writing budget, deal with tax(ing) issues, prioritize and set a value on your time, and establish a business plan for your writing future in a straightforward and fun narrative filled with common-sense examples and time and money saving tips....

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