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Horrors! by Stephen R. Bissette

Creeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeekkk! Welcome… to Horrors! Cults, Crimes, & Creepers—
The tomb door swings open, and grizzled tomb-tender Stephen Bissette offers you a grisly guided tour to the millennial horror, crime, and cult feature films released on video and DVD from 1999-2001. Open the coffins—er, pages—and they’re all here: the crime capers from Arlington Road and Blood Simple to Snatch, The Sopranos, Traffic, and Traffick; the creepers from American Psycho to Valentine; and the crazy cult movies lurking beyond the pale!
This comprehensive genre-focused eerie ebook edition gathers the...

The Making of Miami Vice
The Making of Miami Vice by Trish MacGregor and Rob MacGregor

Find out directly from the cast and crew why The Look, The Style, The Music, The People, The Energy, Placed MIAMI VICE on the cutting edge of television! The Making of Miami Vice includes: Interviews, Behind-the-Scenes Photographs, Plot Synopses, Credits, and Music for Every Episode - and Much, much more! This new digital edition includes an expanded extra chapter covering a bit of "where are they now". Must have for Miami Vice collectors and fans....

Wonders!  Millennial Marvel Movies
Wonders! Millennial Marvel Movies by Stephen R. Bissette

Welcome to Wonders! Millennial Marvel Movies, Stephen Bissette’s guided tour of the millennial science-fiction, fantasy, and animated feature films released on video and DVD from 1999-2001. They’re all here, from Battlefield Earth to The Matrix, from Akira to Yellow Submarine!...