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Journey - Book II of the Five Worlds Trilogy

by Al Sarrantonio
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Ebook description

The Five Worlds of humanity were powerless to stop Prime Cornelian, High Leader of Mars, from decimating Venus with his legions of plasma soldiers. Now he turns to the settled moon of Saturn under the control of Wrath-Pei. Millions of lives face a horrible fate as the forces of these two madmen battle each other across the vastness of space...
Imprisoned on the remote and savage ice world of Pluto, Dalin Shar's destiny lies on the usurped throne of Earth. But the methane atmosphere whipped by violent storms and prowled by mutant beasts makes escpae nearly impossible. Yet escape he must with the Five Worlds teetering on the brink of oblivion, the solar system has never been in greater need of heroes...
"Wars and rebellions, doomed romances, and a high-tech villain that makes Darth Vader look timid. This is great stuff!" Simon R. Green, author of DEATHSTALKER

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