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Johnny Junk

by Brian Knight
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Ebook description

Everyone had given up on the lost children. The parents have destroyed and - as well as possible, rebuilt their lives. THen the phone rings, and a father hears his daughter's voice. Everything changes. What happens When four fathers venture onto the reclusive Johnny "Junk" Curtis's property in search of their missing children is far worse than their imaginations could have conceived. In a castle of booby traps and junk, they uncover secrets better left alone - and meet the truth behind the legend of "Johnny Junk."
'A Surreal breath of nightmare. Johnny Junk is the kind of emotional, gut-wrenching horror that sticks with you and comes to visit late at night. You'll never look at an abandoned appliance in the same way again." -- David Niall Wilson - author of The DeChance Chronicles & Deep Blue

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