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Hollywood Is an All-Volunteer Army

by Steven Paul Leiva
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Ebook description

What those in the know in Hollywood really know is that if they need a dark deed done, if they need a sticky personal or professional problem “fixed,” they can call upon the mysterious and dangerous Fixxer. Whether you are a successful comedy film director whose “art” has never truly been appreciated because the country’s most important film critic has held a grudge against you since college, or you are a neophyte and naïve screenwriter who resents the professional blackmail she has just suffered, you call upon the Fixxer. For the former, the Fixxer co-ops the identity of a Network morning talk show host and solicits the aid of his personal Prospero, Petey—who conjures up the worst blizzard in Manhattan’s history—to effect a “personality change” on the critic. For the latter, the Fixxer gives her the advice to just deal with the slings and arrows of Hollywood life for, after all, “Hollywood is an all-volunteer army.” But when the beautiful young screenwriter’s body is found in a snowdrift on the frozen Bering Sea, just off the Seward Peninsula in Alaska, wearing a Donna Karan evening gown and high heels, and with her lips burnt off, the Fixxer’s moral outrage becomes his most important client and he goes into action to avenge her death, finding evil plans afoot to “draft” Hollywood into a class war conspiracy. Hollywood is an All-Volunteer Army will thrill you with a story that moves from Hollywood to Manhattan to London to the Greek Island of Corfu to a castle by the sea steeped in Hollywood history and, finally, to the skies over California where World War II Spitfires and Messerschmitts dogfight to the death, and wherein the Fixxer, his comrade-in-arms Roee, the Captain (the Fixxer’s personal police officer), Petey, Newsstand Mike, and—most excitingly—Lydia Corfu, a sexy and beautiful Greek actress, film director, tycoon and human typhoon, do battle against the amorality of the universe.

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