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Hello My Name is Jude

by P.L. Klein
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Ebook description

Nine-year-old Jude was the son of Mason Legend, the wealthy owner of the Legend Resort Hotels. But a court mandated visitation to a grandmother he’d never met sent the boy on a twenty year odyssey that changed his life forever. Jude lost his family and his identity. He became Max Angeles and his only link to his former life was a well-worn name tag that read . . . Hello My Name Is Jude While working at the new Imperial Legend Resort, twenty-nine-year-old Max is reunited with his family, but they don’t recognize him. When Mason discovers the name tag, he becomes enraged. He fires Max, denounces him as a fraud and takes a restraining order out against him. Max realizes he’ll never be able to reclaim his past so he tries to start over again . . . there’s just one problem. On the day young Jude was separated from his family, he was targeted by a serial killer. Though the murderer was caught and imprisoned, his accomplice is still at large, and once again he’s got his sights on Jude.  Jude escaped death once . . . . Can he do it again?

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