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Grogo the Goblin

by Jeffrey Sackett
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Ebook description

HORROR IN THE FLESH Someone new has moved into the quiet little town of Beckskill, New York. His name is Vernon Sweet, and he is an ex-sidehow geek. Once he was known to the carnival crowds as "Grogo the Goblin." But here he is only a joke, a freak, a hideous obscenity, living with his mysterious guardian in a dilapidated house on the outskirts of town. Vernon Sweet is an abomination of nature. Still, there is something about him...an aura...a strange charisma... No one can explain the shocking series of murders, or the bizarre visions, that now haunt the dark woods surrounding the town. But one thing is certain: an unspeakable evil has found its way to Becksksill - and it has taken the most terrifying form of all.

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