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Western ebooks by title

A Time for Hanging
A Time for Hanging by Bill Crider

Lizzie Randall, the preacher's daughter, is murdered. The men of the west Texas town are set on lynching Paco Morales, a Mexican teenager who happened to be in the vicinity. In the end justice is served. The list of suspects grows to include almost everyone in the story......

Coffin Blues
Coffin Blues by Tom Piccirilli

Priest McClaren wants to put his past behind him.  It's a past filled with loss, murder . . . and revenge.  now all Priest wants is to own a carpentry shop and earn a quiet living building coffins.  But it looks like peace and quiet just aren't in Priest's future.  His ex-lover has pleaded with him to carry ransom money into hostile territory in Mexico, to rescue her new husband.  It's a mission he can't refuse, but it could also easily get him killed.  Especially when he runs afoul of Don Braulio, a bandit with a great fondness for knives......

Grave Men
Grave Men by Tom Piccirilli

Five years ago, Priest McClaren and his younger sister, Molly, were forced to watch as their parents were murdered by a desperate pair of outlaws. Though one is dead, the other, Yuman Dean, is still on the loose. Now Molly is a haunted bounty hunter and all Priest wants is to run a little store with his partner, Lamarr, an ex-slave and ex-Union soldier. But it won't be that easy....

Hallowed Ground
Hallowed Ground by Steve Savile and David Niall Wilson

When The Deacon set up camp outside Rookwood, a murder of crows took to unnatural, moonlit flight. Things were already strange in that God-forsaken town, but no one could have predicted the forces and fates about to meet in a dust-bowl clearing in the desert. A bargain with the darkness was signed in blood, such deals are only made and broken…on Hallowed Ground......

Kitt Peak
Kitt Peak by Al Sarrantonio

When retired buffalo soldier Thomas Mullin receives a whiskey-stained letter detailing the disappearance of his friend's daughter Abby, he jumps on the first train to Arizona. Folks around town think Abby has gone back to the reservation where she was raised, yet the more Mullin investigates, the more suspicious he becomes. The game is afoot, and Mullins is on the trail....

Medicine Show
Medicine Show by Bill Crider

Ray Storey plays the role of Kit Carson in Col. A. J. Mahaffey's Authentic Medicine Show. Storey's using his job with the show to travel around the country to look for the men who killed his parents, and of course there's a showdown in the end. Also accompanying the show are an alcoholic doctor and the colonel's daughter....

Mr. St. John
Mr. St. John by Loren D. Estleman

Race Buckner and his accomplices are robbing banks and trains all over the West. Their ingenious brand of banditry has made them virtually unstoppable-until a legendary lawman is put on their trail...||||Mister St. John.||||Irons St. John thought he had put his wild days in the saddle behind him. But when the Pinkertons offer him a sizable sum to run down the Buckners, he agrees to play peacekeeper one more time-and he rounds up a possee of low-down lawbreakers to assist him. Their employers don't approve of their rough and rowdy methods, but St. John and his crew are at their boisterous...

Mugs Birdsong's Crime Academy
Mugs Birdsong's Crime Academy by Richard S. Wheeler

After being reformed for five years in the Wyoming pen, the celebrated criminal Mugs Birdsong decides to found a crime academy that will instruct lawmen on the ways of means of lawlessness. He sets up shop in an abandoned orphanage in Rock Springs, and soon is instructing classes in bank robbery, train robbery, and various other sterling occupations. He sells autographed wanted posters, and persuades a banker to let him stage a mock robbery at the bank, for the benefit of his students--and that's when the fun begins....

Ryan Rides Back
Ryan Rides Back by Bill Crider

Bill Kane was going to hang for murdering Ryan's sister... After three long years, folks were shocked Ryan would show his face after abandoning his sister. Others were amazed that he was back at all. No man could have survived that night in Shatter's Grove. Ryan was no ordinary man. Tularosa was in for more shocks and surprises, because he was back for the real truth behind his sister's murder....

Showdown by Ed Gorman

Tom Prine figured that a stint as deputy in a backwash town like Claybank would give him a nice rest. Until, in the space of just a few days, arson, kidnapping and murder turn Claybank into a dangerous place Prine no longer recognizes. A lot of old secrets are being revealed and at their core is a single nagging question - is anybody in town who they pretend to be?...

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