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Thriller and Suspense ebooks by title

1906: A Novel
1906: A Novel by James Dalessandro

Set during the great San Francisco earthquake and fire, this page-turning historical novel reveals recently uncovered facts that forever change our understanding of what really happened. Narrated by a feisty young reporter, Annalisa Passarelli, the novel paints a vivid picture of the Post-Victorian city....

All You Despise
All You Despise by Tom Piccirilli

In All You Despise, Piccirilli’s characteristically lean prose grimly illustrates the high price of redemption and the violent limits of brotherly love. When a nameless man awakens to find his blood-spattered brother passed out in his trailer it sets off a chain of painful, hard-hitting events that tests family loyalty and shows the savage impact of a father’s dark legacy....

Artifact of Evil
Artifact of Evil by Raymond Benson

When his ranch hand's newborn son is abducted from the hospital's maternity ward and found dead hours later in a trash dumpster, former FBI agent and West Texan Rusty "Red" River resolves to bring the perpetrators to justice. A string of similar child abduction/murders all have one peculiar "signature" in common—the babies' heads are marked with the Arabic equivalent to the letter "L." Montgomery, a gourmet chef on the fast track to fame, has a teensy weensy problem. He's a murderous cannibal addicted to human flesh. Guilt and worry eat his brain and beg him to stop, but his headstrong...

Ask the Dice
Ask the Dice by Ed Lynskey

Over the past two decades, Tommy Mack Zane has faithfully worked as a contract killer for Watson Ogg, the Washington, D.C. crime boss. Now middle age creeping up finds Tommy Mack edgy, jaded, and weary of his grisly trade. As he contemplates retirement, he is framed for the murder of Mr. Ogg’s niece....

Beth's Book
Beth's Book by Timothy Woods

What happens when fictional detective, Katie Shields, not only takes psychic possession of her author, but also starts to treat her creator as a suspect in a crime?...

Better Mousetraps
Better Mousetraps by John Lutz

This collection of thirty-five mystery short stories from Edgar award-winning author John Lutz is filled with suspense and dark humor. The introduction by author Frances M. Nevins, Jr. gives the reader some insight into the author and his works. The stories included in this collection: The Other Runner; The Wounded Tiger; The Real Shape of the Coast; High Stakes; Buried Treasure;...

Black Moon - A Tango Key Mystery
Black Moon - A Tango Key Mystery by T.J. MacGregor

Tropical bliss deserts sleepy Tango Key when a local dancer in found in a dumpster, stripped of her fingers - and her life. The investigation takes homicide detective Aline Scott into the strange world of Santeria, a Cuban mystery religion. But Scott is puzzled until she realizes the macabre dismemberment bears a chilling resemblance to murders that occurred on Tango Key more than fifty years ago. Gradually, Aline realizes that the ritual deaths are part of a gruesome legend called Black Moon - and that she has been chosen as the next victim......

Blind Side
Blind Side by William Bayer

Geoffrey Barnett is a photographer. Due to a mysterious trauma in his past, he has for many years been unable to photograph people. When Kimberly Yates suddenly enters his life, Geoffrey's world is turned upside down. She nurtures him back to life-emotionally, mentally and sexually. Eventually he is able to photograph her. Then she disappears....

Blood Diamonds
Blood Diamonds by Ed Lynskey

Longtime grifter and suburbaniteJonas Blades works in a sash-and-door mill until he literally bumps into Jacquie Mantooth, a voluptuous schemer who is putting together a plan to pull off a big diamond heist. She recruits her new lover Jonas to be the wheelman, and they hammer out the final details with  their inside man, a blind courier named Mr. Buggs. On the heist day, Jonas double crosses Jacquie by ratting her out to the police and grabs the stolen diamonds all for him. While Jacquie pulls a nine-year prison bit, Jonas, fearful of discovery and arrest, decides to sit on the stolen...

Blood is Pretty
Blood is Pretty by Steven Paul Leiva

When a film geek is discover dismembered, the Fixxer is compelled to know why and finds worlds of evil centering around a computer program called Veritas. With the aid of Roee, his friend, companion and cook, the Captain, and Petey, extraordinarily brilliant and comically strange; and “the most beautiful woman I have ever seen,” the Fixxer goes forth to do battle....

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