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The Day the Music Died
The Day the Music Died by Ed Gorman

1959, brought bad news for Sam McCain, rock and roll fan. His musical idol, Buddy Holly, had perished in a plane crash. But the day also brought bad news that hit closer to home in Sam's small Iowa town. A local couple was dead, too--in an apparent murder-suicide with some disturbing loose ends. For Sam McCain, P.I. and lawyer, that means an investigation....

The McFadden Chronicles: Black Magic Woman
The McFadden Chronicles: Black Magic Woman by Dan Anderson

Chauncey McFadden, a Los Angeles PI, receives a frantic phone call from the president of a Miami-based cruise line. Two employees have been killed in port and Chauncey is hired to solve the crime and prevent further atrocities. MacFadden has little homicide experience, and things quickly fall apart as the body count climbs on board ship and in Caribbean island ports of call. Smuggled drugs have disappeared from the vessel, which unleashes a terrifying, vengeful vendetta....

The Seventh Secret
The Seventh Secret by Irving Wallace

Armed only with a dentist's letter, her notes, and the determination to finish her father's book, Emily Ashcroft heads to Berlin. She is joined by a Russian museum curator, an American architect, and a Mossad agent, posing as a reporter. Together they uncover what may be the greatest hoax ever perpetrated – the faked death of Hitler and the plot to return the Nazi Party to power....

What You Remember I Did
What You Remember I Did by Janet Berliner and Melanie Tem

A woman falls in love with a man who harbors a strange secret. He's been accused of abuse by a son on the strength of "recovered memories". When she poses as a client to see if it's possible the son has been brainwashed, she is drawn into a web of terror and intrigue that threatens to tear her world apart....

Serpent's Kiss
Serpent's Kiss by Ed Gorman

In a Quiet Midwestern city... A community is coming apart at the seams. He is a mild-mannered academic turned serial killer being hunted for crimes he doesn't recognize as his own. She is a TV anchorwoman losing the ratings game - and the only person who understands the evil that drives him. Between them, an innocent young girl's life hangs in the balance......

Shadow Games
Shadow Games by Ed Gorman

Cobey Daniels had it all. He was rich, he was young, and he was the hottest star in the country. Then there was that messy business with the teenage girl...and it all went to hell for Cobey. But that was a few years ago. Now Cobey's pulled his life together again, they're letting him out of the hospital, and he's ready for his big comeback. But the past is still out there, waiting for him....

Voodoo Moon
Voodoo Moon by Ed Gorman

Psychological profiler Robert Payne is drawn into a circle of intrigue and murder and he investigates the murder of man's girlfriend, whom he claims was killed by an arsonist who burned down an asylum long ago, and disappeared. With TV Psychics and the local police, Payne must unravel the past to solve the case in the present....

Out There in the Darkness
Out There in the Darkness by Ed Gorman

In forty-eight minutes Aaron Tyler and his poker club buddies will apprehend and accidentally kill a burglar. And then they will begin an ascent into malestrom of violence that may cost them everything--their jobs, their families and ultimately their lives...Gorman screws the tension to a breaking point and beyond!...

The Autumn Dead - A Jack Dwyer Mystery & Detective
The Autumn Dead - A Jack Dwyer Mystery & Detective by Ed Gorman

Ex-cop, security guard and sometime actor Jack Dwyer feels a familiar buzz when, after fifteen years, he sees Karen Lane, his old high school flame. But things are going so well with his girlfriend Donna, that he's pretty sure Karen is not what he needs right now. Still, he agrees to retrieve a suitcase for her which she'd left with her last lover, Glendon Evans, a psychiatrist. Then, Karen dies....

Survival by Ed Gorman

It's the far future. Fascist terrorists have all but wiped out the human race with nuclear weapons, and only small pockets of civilization survive. They have gathered in the hospitals, where ever-shrinking supplies and medical staffs have become the core power in hospital fortresses. There are no pain killers left - at least, not of the chemical variety. There are children, small, frail, suffering from an affliction akin to autism, but able to drain away the pain of the world. Until they run out. Until they take a grip on your soul, and the last of your humanity. In the end, the price...

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