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Featured Fiction ebooks

Climbing Olympus
Climbing Olympus by Kevin J. Anderson

They were prisoners, exiles, pawns of a corrupt government. Now they are Dr. Rachel Dycek?s adin, surgically transformed beings who can survive new lives on the surface of Mars. But they are still exiles, unable ever again to breathe Earth?s air. And they are still pawns.
For the adin exist to terraform Mars for human colonists, not for themselves. Creating a new Earth, they will destroy their world, killed by their own success. Desperate, adin leader Boris Tiban launches a suicide campaign to sabotage the Mars Project, knowing his people will perish in a glorious, doomed campaign of...

Burn by Bill Ransom

A vivid and gritty thriller in the vein of Michael Crichton and Tom Clancy, BURN takes today's genetic research one step into a terrifying future, a “Hot Zone” world gone mad about a man-made contagion that literally leaves no one untouched. It is called GenoVax, and the death it brings is horrifying. It is the most frightening weapon mankind has ever created, and when it is unleashed, the human race will know what it is like to burn... From the author of Jaguar and ViraVax and the coauthor, with Frank Herbert, of The Jesus Incident....

Blindfold by Kevin J. Anderson

Atlas is a struggling colony on an untamable world, a fragile society held together by the Truthsayers. Parentless, trained from birth as the sole users of Veritas, a telepathy virus that lets them read the souls of the guilty. Truthsayers are Justice—infallible, beyond appeal.
But sometimes they are wrong.
Falsely accused of murder, Troy Boren trusts the young Truthsayer Kalliana…until, impossibly, she convicts him. Still shaken from a previous reading, Kalliana doesn?t realize her power is fading. But soon the evidence becomes impossible to ignore. The Truthsayers? Veritas has been...

Assemblers of Infinity
Assemblers of Infinity by Kevin J. Anderson and Doug Beason

Nebula Award Nominee. The crew of Moonbase Columbus make an amazing discovery on the far side of the Moon—a massive alien structure is erecting itself, built up atom by atom by living machines, microscopically small, intelligent, and unstoppable, consuming everything they touch. The mysterious structure begins to expand and take shape, and its creators begin to multiply.
Is this the first strike in an alien invasion from the stars? Or has human nanotechnology experimentation gone awry, triggering an unexpected infestation? As riots rage across a panicked Earth, scientists scramble to learn...

Alternitech by Kevin J. Anderson

Science fiction isn‟t just a literature of ideas. Any good writer follows the
consequences of those ideas, asking the next question, and the next, and the next. The
five stories in this sequence all center on “Alternitech,” a company that sends prospectors
into alternate, similar timelines in order to exploit the differences. Imagine the small
fluctuations in your day, how a few inches or a few miles-per-hour during a skid on an
icy road could make the difference between a fender-bender and a fatal accident. Tiny
changes like this could lead to a world where the Beatles never...

Alien Landscapes - Volume 2
Alien Landscapes - Volume 2 by Kevin J. Anderson

Some writers like to keep their ideas close to their chest, as if superstitious that the Muse will
abandon them if they divulge any secrets. I, on the other hand, love to brainstorm and bounce
crazy ideas back and forth with someone who also has a hyperactive imagination. In my career, I
have taken on many collaborative projects; as of this writing, I have written novels with Brian
Herbert, Doug Beason, Dean Koontz, Kristine Kathryn Rusch, John Betancourt, and my wife Rebecca Moesta, with whom I wrote this story.
Obviously, something’s working there. This story takes the collaboration...

Alien Landscapes - Volume 1
Alien Landscapes - Volume 1 by Kevin J. Anderson

The outdoors has always been a fundamental part of my inspiration and my writing process. I live in the Rocky Mountains and spend a great deal of my time hiking—and writing. I wander for miles, voice recorder in hand, dictating chapter after chapter, or just mulling over a plotline or characters.
This short story is my effort to show readers how experiencing the breathtaking beauty of planet Earth has opened up creative windows for me. It’s my way to try and explain my obsession for hiking in the rugged wilderness to the couch potatoes who “don’t get it.”...

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