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Demons, Freaks & Other Abnormalities

by Michael Laimo
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Ebook description

This Bram Stoker Award-nominated collection contains all of the original stories, plus one bonus story unique to the Crossroad Press digital edition. Cover art is by Dan Verkys. Contents include: DEMONS -- * A western town has dreadful plans for all those who stumble in for a visit. * A priest battles an ancient evil in effort to preserve a small South American villa. * Two Florida-bound college students stop in for a fill-up, and get more than just gas for their money. FREAKS -- * A man earns more than just a living by exploiting strange and horrible pictures on the internet. * Two deranged homeless men battle for supremacy on the street. * A NYC cop discovers just how far infants will go in order to survive. ABNORMALITIES -- * Its suddenly storming outside the Quik-Mart. But something other than rain is falling. * A young man wishes to confess something horrible. Unfortunately Gods in a real bad mood today. * A neighboring hotel room yields strange thumping sounds and a faint voice summoning a guest toward the presence within. New for this digital edition: The Chicken Man

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