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by Kevin J. Anderson
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Science fiction isn‟t just a literature of ideas. Any good writer follows the
consequences of those ideas, asking the next question, and the next, and the next. The
five stories in this sequence all center on “Alternitech,” a company that sends prospectors
into alternate, similar timelines in order to exploit the differences. Imagine the small
fluctuations in your day, how a few inches or a few miles-per-hour during a skid on an
icy road could make the difference between a fender-bender and a fatal accident. Tiny
changes like this could lead to a world where the Beatles never broke up, or where Lee
Harvey Oswald wasn‟t gunned down after the Kennedy assassination, where an
accidental medical breakthrough offers an unexpected cure to a rare disease.
But a story isn‟t “about” that. It‟s about how those changes affect the people who
witness them.

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