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A Taste of Blood & Roses

by David Niall Wilson
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Ebook description

This collection of stories spans two decades of work by Bram Stoker Award winning author David Niall Wilson. From the streets of Jerusalem to the historical life of Vlad Tepes, follow this prolific author through eleven tales of vampirism, lycanthropy, and darkness. There's a bit of dark humor, a touch of the erotic, and a little something for everyone who loves creatures of the night. Also...these vampires are gauranteed not to sparkle... Contents: A Candle in the Sun, Flash Fiction, Bloodstained Glass, Miracles in the Night, Smiling Eyes and Haunted Face, To Dream of Scheherazade, The Subtle Ties That Bind, A Taste of Blood and Roses, The Death-Sweet Scent of Lilies, Against His Bitter Judgment, The Sound of Drums

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