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A Cry of Shadows - A Jack Dwyer Mystery & Detective

by Ed Gorman
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Ebook description

Jack Dwyer is hired  to deal with "some problems" caused by residents of a homeless shelter located near a chic, downtown restaurant. Before Dwyer can even act on his orders from one restaurant owner, he is fired by a second.  Then, several days later, the first owner - a man named Coburn, is murdered, and his gorgeous, none-too-grieving widow re-hires Dwyer to locate the killer. Lots of people have a motive: Coburn was a womanizer and a snob. The restaurant staff hated him for being abusive and demanding; Anton, the second owner, hated him for sleeping with his teenaged daughter; the woman who runs the homeless shelter hated him for jilting her. Jack Dwyer remains one of the easiest mystery protagonists to like, and a very "real" character in this very entertaining addition to the Jack Dwyer series.

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